Our Irish Friends

As part of our ‘Globalisation’ topic, the students in Te Kauru have been communicating with a classroom of 10-11 year old students in Ireland. It has been really exciting for the students to make this connection with kids from the other side of the world. They have found it really interesting to discover our differences and many similarities.

Our friends’ school is called Scoil Íosagáin (pronounced ‘Skull E-sa-gone’ – which means school of the infant Jesus) and is located in the north-west of Ireland in an area called Buncrana, Co.Donegal. Check out their website http://scoiliosagain.ie/. The students speak English as their  first language and they also learn Irish, as it is also recognized as an official language in Ireland. It is compulsory for students to study Irish in both primary and secondary school.

We initially communicated through ‘teacher’ emails and decided that we would exchange letters through the post.

Our letters arrived from Ireland at the beginning of Term 2. The class loved reading their special letters and were very motivated to send their replies.

The students spent 3 weeks perfecting their letters and did an absolutely marvellous job. Each of the letters were written with care and thought and their recipients were very pleased to receive them today (9th June 2015).

Our Irish friends are keen to write back so the next lot of communication will be sent via email as they are about to head off on their summer holidays in 3 weeks.

We will keep you posted on our next lot of communication!!!!!







  1. Mrs Davan Mrs Davan says:

    Wow, that’s so exciting Te Kauru. Just the looks on their faces show how much they value receiving your letters. :)

  2. What a fantastic time reading our Ireland letters.

  3. jasmine says:

    I loved reading my letter i got

  4. I really enjoyed reading my letter it is amazing that they are all the way in Ireland

  5. Hello friends and teachers I really miss you guys:( I miss you mrs davan you were the best teacher there. Janae phenoix carries you all were my bffs even drum roll please……………….. Brianna you were my best best make it 10x best best friend there you all ways stood up for me and was always by my side when I was feeling down but now I’m happy I made new friends here there all great I wish I could see yous again thankyou for having me there I loved all the teachers as well:) hello sir/principal I loved being there with you guys like I said I wish I could see you’s again. I like my new principal and new friends. i like my new teacher as well. She’s really really fun and cool. If you’s see this be sure to comment please. And befor you even ask mrs davan and yes I have been reading a lot. There’s lots of cool teachers here hope yous have a good holiday :) : hope you guys are feeling well with out me there I know I haven’t contact you guys in for ever but now it’s time. If yous want to email me please email me:( my email is zn.loohcs.lartnecihiawnull@hamaraminiw :) okay that’s it for now :) see ya see ya all teachers and friends. Hahaha have good time you prommies me yous will contact me plz.

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