Board of Trustees (BOT)

The Board of Trustees offers free education for every student. From their first day, students are handed their stationery and start their learning journeys for the year without having to worry about what they need. Class trips, camps, special performers or visitors to the school, sports fees [even community sports], are also paid for by the school.

We have 7 classes and a roll which fluctuates between 140-170. The school is decile 3 and predominantly Maori; 66% and European; 34%.

The board meets in the school staffroom on every second Monday of the month at 5.30pm. All parents and community members are welcome to attend.

A newsletter is also sent out weekly to all parents of the school. Please feel free to contact any board member should you have any queries, concerns or ideas for our school.

2016 Board of Trustees:

Chairperson: Diane Laurenson

Principal: John Windleborn

Staff Representative: Debbie Thompson

Parent Representatives: Rachael Foster,  Jeff Walker and Krystal-Rose Taaffe