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Waiaria was  our school winner for the writing competition. All the classes were to write a story about the special message the Minstrel shared. One winner was chosen from each class, and the overall winner chosen – Waiaria! Well Done!

Winning piece of writing:

The Minstrel Show

Last Wednesday, we went to the Minstrel show. He was telling us all about fishing. As we walked into the hall, he was singing songs about his trips and other adventurous he has had. He is a very good singer.

First he told us about fishing for the future. We need to remember these three important rules: return the little fish so they get a chance to live; return the big fish so they can have babies and breed; and know the limits of your catch.

Next, he told us about the Marine Reserves. We are not allowed to go fishing or diving there because other people were taking little fish, paua and other little species. So they put up a ‘pou’ there, trying to protect them.

Finally, he told us about fishing safety. He told us to always take and wear a life jacket and a flare to signal the lifeguards.

I was beaming because it was the coolest show and I hope I see him around.

By Waiaria (Te Manga)


The Minstrel’s Message

New Zealanders love kaimoana. Some people over-fish our kaimoana in our sea and they are not leaving fish for the future! We are surrounded with ocean that has thousands of kaimoana in it. Most of us think we can get as much as we want. Do you think they are right?

I know why people get lots of fish. It’s normally because they need some for their family and friends but some other people do it for no reason. These people are called poachers. Sometimes they take hundreds of fish and sell it on the black market. For recreational fisherman they need to know to always take a ruler so you know what the size of the fish it, but you don’t take a normal ruler, you have to take a fishing ruler. The snapper size you can get is 27cm but when it is April it will change to 30 cm. The limit of paua you can get is 10 per person and they have to be 125mm.

Aotearoa has lots of marine reserves. People like to visit to these places. But it is illegal to fish in these kinds of areas. You are allowed to look but not touch. Most of the time, divers like going to these sorts of places to see a variety of sea life.

Whenever you go on a boat always wear a life jacket. Even though you are a really good swimmer, you still have to wear one. Don’t just chuck the life jackets in the front of the boat because you don’t know what will happen next. For example there were two men and they were both champions at swimming but they bumped into a rock and the boat flipped. Some people would think they were okay, but they weren’t. The two men died because they weren’t wearing a life jacket. Also think about flares and beacons. So people know you are in trouble.

If I know how to keep our fish safe and I can make a difference, you can too! Come on fish for the future and save our fish.

Levi (Te Kauru)


The Minstrel

“This is going to be embarrassing, I’m going to crack up,” I thought to myself.

Last Thursday our school walked to the hall to watch the Minstrel.

Mrs Minstrel was dancing, it was funny. When the Minstrel asked people to come up he called them “Boo Boo.”

The Minstrel said you can’t catch a big fish because it might be pregnant. Always take salt ice to keep the fish cool. If you catch a small fish, put it back in the water so it can grow.

Stevie H. (Te Tinana)


The Minstrel

“What does the Minstrel do?” I thought to myself.

Last Thursday the whole school went out to the hall to watch the Minstrel show.

The Minstrel came to our school and talked about fish he said that “if you catch a fish that is under 30cms, you have to put it back into the sea so it can get some time to grow.” “If you catch a big fish you have to put it back, because it might be pregnant.”

Do not put your life jacket at the front of the boat; you should have it on the whole time.

Always take salt ice to keep the fish you catch cool, and take a wet towel to hold the fish with. Take a M.A.F. ruler on the boat to measure the fish.

Take a container of emergency flares in care you get in trouble.

I loved the Minstrel show, I can’t wait until Mr and Mrs Minstrel come back.

By Jamie W. (Te Tinana)


Fish for the Future

Minstrel taught us to wear your life-jacket. Put the big and small fish away so the little fish can grow. Mums and Dads have to put a life-jacket on before you go in a boat. If you don’t wear your life-jacket your boat will wink to the bottom of the bay.

By Shyamal (Te Putake)

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