Enrolling Your Child

Children under the age of five are not permitted to be enrolled at a primary school. (Refer Section 5(i) of the Education Act 1989). However, the child may attend prior to the fifth birthday if accompanied by an adult. The days and hours of attendance are to be negotiated by the Principal, Teacher and Parent. An enrolment form must be filled out and covers the following:-

  • Child’s full name

  • Fathers full name

  • Mothers full name

  • Occupation

  • Address

  • Telephone numbers

  • Emergency numbers

  • Details of pre-schooling

  • Serious illness, accidents and any significant health problems, allergies

Any other information which will help teaching staff to understand your child’s needs. If enrolling a five year old, please bring his/her birth certificate, immunisation certificate, and where possible his/her health card. If your child has attended school before, you will still need to fill out an enrolment form giving the information above so that the school is aware of personal details. If the previous school has issued you a transfer form, we would appreciate seeing it at this time.