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In 2001 we officially renamed our classes after consultation with staff and kaumatua at Te Paa A Parore Marae. The names used refer to the parts of a tree. The significance of this is that during the growth of the tree, it has similarities with the development of each child during their years of education whilst at Paparore School. The parts of the tree were chosen as this was a huge part of the school’s kaupapa with environmental issues but especially our ‘Lake Ngatu Re-vegetation Project’ which is still ongoing in different forms today.

Our year 0/1 class is Te Kakano, the seed of the tree.

Our Year 1/2 class is Te Pihi, the seedling.

Our Year 2/3 class is Te Putake, the roots.

Our Year 3/4 class is Te Tinana, the trunk of the tree.

Our Year 3/4 class is Te Manga, the branches of the tree.

Our second Year 4/5 class is Te Puawai, the blossoms of the tree.

Our Year 5/6 class is Te Kauru, the crown or top of the tree.

When the children leave to further their education at another school they become Te Manu or bird. They are always welcome to return to their tree or nest if they choose to.