Parent Mentoring Programme (PMP) 2015-02-12T09:45:05+13:00

PMP 005The school is one of a cluster of schools which provide a pre-school programme for prospective students.

There are 11 schools involved; Paparore and Awanui in ‘Te Hiku o te Ika,’ Kohukohu, Umawera, Broadwood, Hato Maria, Matihetihe and Herekino in ‘Te Rarawa,’ and Te Tii, Matauri Bay and Kaeo from ‘Whangaroa.’ Our partner in this initiative is the Todd Foundation. They provide the cluster of 11 schools with the financial support to be able to offer this service to our pre-schoolers.

Any child aged 3-5 years old can participate by informing the school. Once we know who you are we send home a ‘pack’ every Thursday with a focus on an activity. Students receive the necessary ‘goodies’ to be able to complete the activities. We strongly recommend parents to enrol the student so that they can come to school as best prepared as they can be!

PMP Vision StatementPMP 003

All 5 year olds are given the opportunity to get the best out of school through:

  • access to quality early childhood education
  • access to a variety of early childhood education
  • parents supported in providing early childhood development
  • school and community supporting healthy early childhood development


The school is extremely fortunate to have the services of a highly capable co-ordinator, Catherine Hobson, who is also a teacher aide at the school. Catherine has filled the role of our PMP Co-ordinator since the induction of the programme in 2005.