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“He Iti Marangai, Tu ana te pahukahuka, He iti pioke, no Rangaunu, He au tona”                                                            

 “Small although the pioke (dogfish shark) may be, Great is its wake, as it traverses the might of the Rangaunu harbour”

Paparore School is about 15km north of Kaitaia in the Far North. It has a lot of history. The school was first sited near Te Paa A Parore Marae. It then moved between Paparore and Waimanoni settlements so the Waimanoni students didn’t have to travel so far to get to school. The school was moved to its third and current site because the second site was next to the airfield and during WW2 it became too dangerous with all the bomb carrying aircraft next door.

Around all three of the school sites there used to be gumfields. The gumdiggers built their huts near the gumfields so the gumdiggers wouldn’t have to travel far to work everyday. The gum in those days was like new gold. On the schools poupou there are three gum nuggets. These represent the three sites of Paparore School. Read about our school poupou on the living heritage site.

We have 7 classes and they are represented by parts of a tree: Te Kakano (Year 0-1) which means the seed, Te Pihi (Year 1-2) means the seedling, Te Putake (Year 2-3) means the roots, Te Tinana (Year 3-4) is the trunk of the tree. Te Manga (Years 3-5) means the branches of the tree, Te Puawai (Year 5) means the blossoms and finally, Te Kauru (Years 5&6), the crown of the tree.

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