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Paparore School is a small rural school located 16km north of Kaitaia on the road to Waipapakauri Ramp on 90 Mile Beach. The school is on its third site next to a recreational lake regularly used by the public and the school, Lake Ngatu.

Originally the school was located at Paparore settlement. It was moved closer to Waimanoni so the students there didn’t have to walk or ride their horse so far to Paparore. During WW2 however, the heirachy decided to move the school again as it was adjacent to the Waipapakauri air strip which was used by the air force. It was then that the school moved to its current site.

Paparore School

157 West Coast Road, RD1 Awanui, 0486

Telephone: (09) 4067360 Fax: (09) 4067349


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