Policies and Procedures


Should you be unhappy about anything at school, please contact the Principal first. This way, the concern can be dealt with directly. If you are still unhappy, an approach can be made to the Board of Trustees. Please try to be sure of your facts, because where a formal complaint needs to be made, you will have to put your views in writing, and you must be prepared to substantiate these.

Custodial Arrangements

If at any stage there are any changes to the custodial arrangements for your  child(ren) to those given at enrolment time, please notify the office.


Within the school it is the aim of the teachers to encourage children to develop tolerance and respect towards each other in group situations and to respect other peoples property and their own environment. Discipline within the classroom and around the school will focus on these aims and we hope will also be encouraged in the home environment.

Policy Statements

In January 1990, the School Charter was developed after much community consultation. Following this, the Board of Trustees has developed policies which reflect the aims of the school. Policies cover most aspects of school life including finance, personal, community partnership, the curriculum/instructional area, and grounds and property. These are available for viewing at any time at the school office and/or on the school website.

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