Absence from Swimming or Physical Education

If a pupil wishes to be excused from activities in either of the above, then a note from parents is essential. We prefer to work according to your directions in this, as sometimes inability to take part is obvious and at other times not quite so clear.

Sporting Programme

The role of the school is to ensure that opportunities are provided for children regardless of their abilities, to participate in sport. The school provides a sports programme where children are encouraged to learn the basic physical skills of  throwing, catching, hitting, running, and jumping. They can use these skills in sports, minor games, small group activities, modified and mini games. The children  can also participate in other challenging activities. This is mainly done on a school basis although we do combine with the other schools in our district for swimming, cross-country, athletics and a variety of tournaments. We have a lot of parent participation to help us with this programme.


Our school swimming programme begins between Labour weekend and Easter, weather permitting, with each class using the pool daily. The school aims to teach children to swim adequately, be conscious of water safety and know how to get themselves out of difficulties in the water. Swimming is part of the school programme so if your child is unable to take part, a note should be provided, as noted under absences.